Huston Smith Has Studied Religion All His Life and There's Something He Wants You to Know
Notes from a 2012 Appearance 
by Barbara falconer Newhall
Huffington Post July 22, 2015

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Vintage Huston Smith, c  mid 1990s
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Huston Smith - His Thoughts

Huston Smith - His Life


An Open Letter to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and their fellow atheists

An increasing number of physicists are now beginning to say that the world looks more like a big thought than a big thing.

Thought requires a thinker. Where does that leave you atheists ?

Huston Smith
January, 2013



Not only does he share the Smith "journey" but frames it with background information which makes the trip most intriguing. Those traveling their own spiritual roads should find this biography to be a most helpful map.

Norman Provost
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Other Biographies:

And Live Rejoicing by Huston Smith with Phil Cousineau

Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing the Divine, 
an Autobiography
by Huston Smith with Jeffery Paine

Online Video: Remembering Thomas Merton



Report from the Sagrada Bookstore Event featuring the new memoir And Live Rejoicing

NEW: Famous student of world religions has Missouri ties

The Endless Further

Chasing the Divine: Huston Smith and the seekers of Trabuco Canyon  
by Don Lattin 

Huston Smith, the man who took religion seriously by Dana Sawyer 

Huston Smith is awarded the Doshi Bridgebuilder Award November 6, 2010

THE HARVARD PSYCHEDELIC CLUB: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered In a New Age for America, by Don Lattin has been getting a lot of attention. We list one of the recent reviews from the New York Times: Books of The Times; Tune In, Turn On, Turn Page by Dwight Garner.

Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing the Divine (Huston Smith with Jeffery Paine) is named one of the San Francisco Chronicle's 50 Notable Bay Area books of 2009. SF Gate says: "In this delightful book, Smith tells us how he became the dean of world religion experts."
November 23,2009
Huston Smith's Painful Spiritual Odyssey 
by John Blake

Three Sages/Three Paths
by Jeffery Paine

Newsweek's Lisa Miller wrote Huston Smith's Wonderful Life for the May 18th issue of Newsweek. It can be read online.

NPR (National Public Radio) aired a story about multiphonic chanting Gyuto Monks: Ancient Practice, Modern Sound featuring Huston Smith. Listen or read the transcript.

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From  San Francisco Chronicle, Huston Smith: Rock star of religions turns 90 

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