Islamic Mysticism with Huston Smith by Hartley Films


India and the Infinite with Huston Smith by Hartley Films


Requiem for a Faith with Huston Smith 
on Tibetan Culture and Religion by Hartley Films


The Way Things Are with Huston Smith by Hartley Films



On Meeting Thomas Merton in 1968 in India, 
Huston Smith & Phil Cousineau, Filmed 2011 in Berkeley CA

Huston Smith at East West Bookstore
 Mountain View, California
August 2009
Filmed by Mel Van Dusen

Part 1

Part 2

Huston Smith tells how he first encountered Tibetan multiphonic chanting, which became the recording Music of Tibet. Recorded at the Institute of World Culture in Santa Barbara, CA. Also pictured is the Institute's founder
Nandini Iyer

Vintage Huston Smith, c  mid 1990s
Video from Spiritual Spectrum

Huston Smith - His Thoughts

Huston Smith - His Life